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October 30, 2020 - European Union, Privacy & Data Security

7 Tips for International Recruiting Programs in the Era of GDPR and Emerging U.S. Laws

7 Tips for International Recruiting Programs in the Era of GDPR and Emerging U.S. Laws

When your organization is searching to fill a new position, you understandably want to find out as much as possible about the candidates who apply. Aside from determining whether the candidate has the specific skill set, education, and experience necessary to do the job, you want to make sure that the person will fit in with the team. Do they have a positive attitude and integrity? Are they flexible and hard working? Are they a good communicator and team player? Are they dependable and creative? If possible, you want to hear from references provided by the candidate to confirm that the candidate was sincere and meets your organization’s needs. You might even want to check how they behave on the Internet.

It is difficult to figure all of this out through the traditional hiring process, so many companies resort to seeking additional information from the candidate him or herself and by conducting extensive background checks that might even include reviewing the candidate’s social media accounts.

The nature of personal information that an organization may collect during the hiring process is, however, quite limited due to the EU General Data Protection regulation (GDPR), the implementing laws of the EU Member States and emerging U.S. laws. Here are seven tips for your international recruiting programs.

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