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December 08, 2021 - EEOC, Coronavirus (COVID-19), Department of Labor (DOL)

Georgia Court Issues Nationwide Injunction of Executive Order 14042—How Should Contractors Respond?

New Guidance on COVID-19 Protocols for Contractor Employees at Federal Facilities

On December 7, 2021, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia ordered a nationwide injunction of Executive Order 14042 (the EO or EO 14042), temporarily suspending the EO’s vaccination, masking, and social distancing requirements and all implementing guidance. Although the Georgia court’s nationwide injunction likely will remain in effect for the immediate future, federal contractors and subcontractors should consider continuing some efforts to prepare for compliance with the EO in case the injunction is overturned. They should balance such efforts with the patchwork of seemingly conflicting state and local mandates, including mandatory masking and social distancing laws on the one hand and anti-vaccination laws on the other hand. 

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