May 5, 2017 - Legislation

San Jose Thinks It Knows The Way

The Economic Policy Institute has reported that, in 2016, as many as 4 million workers nationwide wanted but were unable to obtain full-time work. While some have debated these numbers, the City of San Jose, California, has attempted to tackle the issue with a voter-enacted ordinance that imposes new restrictions and obligations on when employers can hire additional workers to meet their needs.

While San Jose is currently one of the only cities in the nation with such a law, it is unlikely that this status will last for long. San Francisco passed a narrower ordinance in 2014, the Predictable Scheduling and Fair Treatment for Formula Retail Employees Ordinance, applicable to large retail chains that employ 20 or more individuals in the City of San Francisco and have 20 or more locations worldwide. A legislator in California has already followed San Jose’s lead and introduced proposed legislation.

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